Wedding Program

Wedding Program

For years we have been the only wedding planning company in Italy that created an exhaustive, well written wedding program covering point by point the entire event from the time you arrive in Italy to the end of your stay in Italy or Europe.

Guest activities, schedules, contacts and every possible detail is included in order that you can be assured everything you and your personal wedding coordinator have discussed has indeed been booked and re-confirmed.

Our ace in the sleeve

Your detailed wedding program serves as your road map to everything that has been set up for you in Italy.

We will also create for you a wedding program tailored for each guest (whether they will attend the ceremony rehearsal or tours for example) that can be sent via e-mail prior to departure, or to be found in each room upon arrival in Italy.

Everyone will then be able to contact us directly for any question, activity or request from the moment they arrive, until the moment they are back home with great memories.