Wedding gown, suit and shoes

Wedding gown, suit and shoes

It is no secret that Italy offers some of the finest and most spectacular selections of wedding gowns and Suits in the World. Designers vie amongst each other to try to create the dreamiest creations for your walk down the isle.

We can assist you in selecting the gown or suit of your dreams; cities such as Rome, Florence, Milano and others have a very wide range of shops, design studios and boutiques to recommend in all budgets.

Our ace in the sleeve

It is very important to remember that a Wedding gown will require at least a few weeks to be completed, so if you are thinking of getting one in Italy, please consider one trip a few months prior to the Wedding. The final touches can then be defined once you will arrive for your big day, as you will surely be here with a few days advance to get acquainted to the area and of course relax before the Wedding.

For a Groom, the options are a bit easier. A suit can be created from scratch, or it can be purchased semi finished. If you want it to be from scratch, please consider a trip to Italy in advance, otherwise, for a semi finished one, consider that only two or three days are necessary.

The beauty of purchising a gown or a suit in Italy, is that despite the fact that the quality is the top in the world, prices can be very low compared to any other country. This will allow you to come to Italy for the attire, maybe visit the Wedding Venue or taste the menu, and still save compared to attire brought from home. This of course depends also from where “home” is to you.