Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator

On your big day, there is one person that will be in charge of all the services and that will be present to all activities, ready to assure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. This is your Wedding coordinator.

This is a very important figure, as we can assure you that plans will need to be adjusted and modified during the Wedding. Just as an example, we can assure that from fashionably late, to simply very late, we have neveer seen a Bride on time!

Our ace in the sleeve

Your coordinator will arrange so that the Ceremony, the possible transfers, the beginnig of the reception and all services are moved slightly in time, so everything is perfect. A lot of minor touches and details will need to be adjuted, and this is the important role of the Wedding coordinator.

Your personal coordinator will the Wedding planner from our team that has been creating your Italian Wedding with you from the start. She will know you very well, and you will know her as well from the beginning, allowing you to have a person of trust always by your side.

If your party requires it, we will assure that you will have two coordinators, to be able to oversee every aspect.

Naturally we are all at least bilingual in English and Italian, and may speak other languages as well.

The coordinator will be with you also for all the activities and actions that will take place the days prior to the Wedding, from tours to documents, and will be present the day of the wedding. And should the wedding party have any last minute requests or questions, the coordinator will be on hand to answer everything, as well as act as a liaison with the different service providers.