Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

A custom designed Italian wedding cake will be prepared for you and your wedding guests. Several options will be available for you to choose from.
We can send you several photos that you can decide what suits you best.

Creating a cake for a wedding is both an art as well as a science.
It takes quite a bit of experience and time to create one. Often more than one baker will work on the same cake to be able to produce it in time for the wedding that will take place.

Our ace in the sleeve

The styles that you can choose from are almost endless. We will start by showing you the most traditional examples, but of course fulll glazed cakes and multi layered Wedding cakes are also very popular.

Once the style, looks and colors are defined, you will then choose the fillings and the flavors. Remember that any mix and match is possible, so the limit is only your fantasy.

It is also very popular that the Wedding cakes in Italy are completed in front of your party with a “show cooking” where the Chefs will add the final touches such as chocolate drops, fruits, sparklers, and even edible flowers for a nice and original touch, before the famous cut.