Wedding App

Wedding App

A Wedding App is a very modern and new concept. We find that it can be a very useful tool, if you have the right one.

The Wedding app can help you and your guests be always connected before your departure to Italy. It will keep track of all the locations involved in the Wedding (providing also maps) and of all the parts of the day.

Our ace in the sleeve

There are many features that can be added and selected, and we will be happy to set it up for you, so once you invite your guests, they will find a very charming service, inclusive of course of some stories about you, some photos, and the colors and theme of the Wedding.

We will also insert all of the locations, and the possible choices for the accommodation and the transfers, so your party will always feel secure and they will always know where they are…in some areas of Italy this can be very helpful.

Feel free to add any personal touches, and know that we are here to help complete it and set it up.

We will also make sure that everything is there, but not giving away too much. We want to still surprise your friends and family on the Wedding day!