Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal

Many of our couples ask us to plan their Ceremony for a Wedding anniversary, or for a vow renewal.

This is something that we always plan with great pleasure, as such Brides and Grooms wish to confirm their love for each other and their promises.

Usually a Symbolic or religious ceremony is arranged in a scenic location, and any of the Wedding services can be added to enhance this special day.

Our ace in the sleeve

Just like with wedding planning, you’ll want to decide the scope of the event: will it be a large party or a small affair with just close friends and family? Maybe you’ll renew your vows with just your own family unit, whoever that contains. Don’t feel limited because you may have already planned a big wedding. There are no rules that say you can’t go big again.

If you were unhappy with elements of your wedding, you can use your vow renewal as an opportunity to try out something new or plan the event in a more personal way.

Vow renewals come with far less “rules” than weddings, so take advantage of that freedom.