Venice and Veneto


04 August 2017

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Venice and Veneto

You already know, Venice speaks for itself. Is there any other place in the world where cars are replaced by boats and gondolas? Having been the capital of a big empire, Venice extended its influence to the closest town, making Verona, Padua, Treviso and Vicenza still sparkling of charm and romance.

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It’s not accident that Shakespeare has set his “Romeo & Juliet” in Verona or that Casanova was a Venetian: love here is expressed in every shape it could have. A wedding in Veneto doesn’t miss out great food, day-trips from one town to another and, of course, its history: it’s usual here having ceremony in a 14° century palace overlooking canals or in a medieval building.

One of the greatest architects of all time, Andrea Palladio, lived and worked in the beautiful and ancient town of Vicenza, in the Veneto Province. More than ten of the town public buildings, including the exquisite town hall, were designed by Palladio in the 1500s.
The town hall where your civil wedding will take place is an exquisite work of art, designed by one of the greatest architects of all time.
The town itself is an artistic masterpiece and couples from all over the world flock to this beautiful area of Italy for their weddings. Your civil wedding will be held in the fabulous Town Hall which Andrea Palladio himself totally redesigned more than 400 years ago. Inside the town hall you will find some of the greatest frescoes ever painted by Palladio himself and others trained by him.

A medieval masterpiece, Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most enjoyable cities in the North of Italy to visit. Easy to access by foot, it is dominated by the spectacular Piazza Bra’, the site of the Roman amphitheatre where Opera Concerts are held each summer. On this same sprawling piazza is one of the city’s wedding halls, a superb Palladian building with elegant columns the interior of which is impeccably furnished with original antiques.
But Verona offers couples an additional possibility for civil weddings – the romantic tomb of Juliet as well as a majestic cathedral for catholic options. The tomb of Juliet is a villa with elegant staircase leading to a frescoed hall, which overlooks a garden.
Verona is proud of its wines and culinary heritage and the choice of options for receptions here is quite incredible regardless of the number of guests. Less than 5 minutes away, several luxurious villa hotels with gardens or parks are available should you wish to host an exclusive private reception.

Venice is the city that immediately comes to mind when the Veneto is mentioned. The Venetian nobility once ruled over this wealthy, diverse region, and their distinctive architectural style is still evident today in many parts of the Veneto, a lasting legacy of their influence. Venice itself is naturally the regional capital, and has been described as the most romantic city in the world. Its unforgettable atmosphere makes it a magical place to get married. The Serenissima, as it is called (The most Serene One), is a city entirely built on an archipelago of 118 islands, formed by approximately 150 canals, connected by around 400 bridges in a shallow lagoon. Its elegant palaces lining the canals, visible as you are rowed along by gondola at sunset, recall ages past when the grand salons of these beautiful buildings echoed with Vivaldi and dancing.
Should you then wish to plan a one of a kind reception, there are private palaces with secret gardens, luxury 5 star hotels with terraces on the canals or villa hotels with gardens on the mainland just minutes away. In short, something for everyone. It is possible to host an event on one of the tiny islands must minutes away by motorboat. If you come during Carnival when the entire city is celebrating in full costume you could plan an original 18th century wedding with a masked ball!

The city of Padua, meanwhile, is another popular destination, with a eye-catching collection of Renaissance buildings. Getting married in the old elegant city hall overlooking the city center will let you step back in the past, to Galileo times, when Padua was known as the city of science, medicine and law! All around the city reminds the visitor of its magnificent old times. If your wish to celebrate a religious wedding in Padua, then you can choose among a few of the most elegant and intimate churches of the region.
Padua and surroundings offer a series of wedding receptions possibilities: old osterie in the city center, beautiful Venetian villas along the Brenta River few miles away from Venice, or some nice and intimate restaurants hidden in some of the most typical villages in the stunning Padua hills.

A visit to the Veneto is a richly rewarding experience. Strikingly beautiful cities enclosed by lovely countryside make this region one of the most popular destinations in Italy.

Your wedding in the Veneto will be a romantic day to remember forever.