Tuscany and Countryside (Umbria, Emilia, Abruzzo, Marche)


04 August 2017

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Tuscany and countryside (Umbria, Emilia, Abruzzo, Marche)

The countryside in Italy occupies a very large area which includes the world-known Tuscany, the lovely Umbria, but also Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Abruzzi regions. This is the place where you leave the high-way behind to drive into the countyroads to be surprised every miles you ride: a little town on a hill, the wonderful sunset in Val d’Orcia, or again, an ancient church in the middle of nowhere. It’s here where you’ll have the chance to taste the most good Italian wines, to stay in an “agriturismo” and catch a village festival!

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For many, Tuscany embodies all of this. Your wedding in Tuscany is a chance to immerse yourselves in classic pastoral landscapes, discovering both beautifully preserved medieval architecture and Renaissance art at its most breathtaking.
The region’s coastal capital, Florence, is resplendent with numerous palaces, museums and galleries. Not only are its churches second-to-none, Florence also boasts the world’s fourth-largest cathedral, a stunning pink and white marbled duomo. The great medieval city of Siena is another of Tuscany’s gems. Siena, like Florence, is renowned for its superb art and architecture and awe-inspiring cathedral. The city’s central square is widely acknowledged to be the most beautiful in Italy.
Tuscany has many smaller cities and towns, each with its own special allure.
Pisa is world-famous for its leaning tower, and has a lot more to offer besides. Refined Lucca is loved for its walled old town, whilst Arezzo is famed for its superb fresco cycle, painted by Piero della Francesca.
Tuscany’s timeless landscape of gentle hills, vineyards, olive groves and cypress tress is dotted with ancient farmhouses and villas. Many atmospheric medieval hill towns lie west and south of Siena, with architecture that is as impressive today as it was hundreds of years before..
Wherever in Tuscany you choose for your wedding, you will surely fall under the spell of this beautiful region. It is an excellent choice for a romantic and unforgettable wedding day.

Umbria region is a charming central one in Italy, know also as “little Tuscany”. This beautiful central Italian area is a lovely place to celebrate a wedding in Italy. Splendid, rolling hills bursting with colour and dotted with hillside medieval villages and towns: Umbria weddings are the ideal setting for your wedding in Italy.
A region offering authenticity and excellence, with affordable prices. The cuisine and wines are superb and the region begs to be explored. Castles, villas and enchanting ceremony locations can be found in towns such as Assisi, Spoleto and Montefalco. We are sure that you will fall in love with Umbria! Umbria is known both for its gentle pastoral landscapes and its classic hill towns, home to artistic and architectural treasures. St. Francis of Assisi and St. Benedict are just two of the saints who were born in the region, lending Umbria the title of ‘Land of Saints’.
The main city of Umbria is lively Perugia in the north. Providing a contrast with the rest of the region, Perugia makes a good base from which to discover the countryside for which Umbria is renowned. Nearby is the largest lake in the Italian peninsula, Il Lago di Trasimeno. Encircled by low hills, it is popular both for swimming and for water sports. Also in the north is the perfectly preserved medieval town of Gubbio and peaceful Città di Castello, which is surrounded by wooded countryside and also features a popular picture gallery. a valle di Spoleto in the south epitomizes Umbria’s natural beauty. The sun shines onto rolling hills and wooded countryside, gentle streams and valleys. Also in this region are the majestic Valnerina mountains and the hill towns of Assisi and Spoleto. The Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi houses superb frescoes by the Italian artist Giotto.
Further south the landscape becomes flatter, and it is here that you will find the classic hill towns of Todi and Orvieto, which has a stunning Gothic cathedral.

Emilia-Romagna is a prosperous region in northern Italy, whose varied landscape, coastline and lovely towns and cities make it a popular destination ideal for a romantic Italian wedding. Its countryside and cities well recall Florence and Chianti region. The south of the region is where you will find the capital of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, and the atmospheric towns of Modena and Parma, which are worth visiting for their architecture alone.Bolognais a wealthy and welcoming city which offers the best of Italy – wonderful restaurants and cafés, stunning churches, palaces and museums, plus an enormous amount of Italian culture to discover. The city has many theaters and art galleries and it’s the town where the most ancient University in the world is located. The landscape of the north contrasts with the mountainous south, as it is mostly flat plain and lagoons, interspersed with historic towns and villages. One such town, Ferrara, was highly important in Renaissance times, and retains many structures from that period. It is located just half an hour north of Bologna.
Nearby, Ravenna is best known for its stunning Byzantine mosaics, which many believe to be the best in the world. Found in the town’s churches and mausoleums, they are an incredible sight. Emilia Romagna is renowned for its delicious cuisine (“lasagna” comes from here!). Renaissance castles and fortresses and varied cultural festivals that take place throughout the year. It is a many-faceted region with a huge amount to offer and is highly recommended for a romantic wedding in Italy.

A highly atmospheric region, Marche is a romantic and picturesque location for your Italian wedding. With its spectacular coastline, scenic interior and many historic towns and villages, Marche is typically Italian and offers everything the country is famous for. Marche has much to recommend it to lovers of culture and history. The centerpiece of the small hilltop town of Urbino is a spectacular Renaissance palace, whilst the fortress at San Leo is also well worth visiting. Ascoli Piceno is a fascinating city, whilst Macerata is a lively historic town with a varied cultural life that includes an annual ballet and opera. The town is surrounded by beautiful Italian countryside.
The natural highlights of inland Marche include the stunning Sibillini mountains, which tower over the hill villages of the south west. Other standout features are the Esino Valley, the Fracassi caves and vineyards which produce a dry white wine. From beaches to mountains and towns to countryside, Marche is a both dramatic and picturesque. The region will provide a lovely backdrop to your wedding in Italy.

A prosperous and modern region, Abruzzi or Abruzzo still retains a strong sense of past traditions. During your stay, you will be able to discover the crafts, festivals and traditional costumes of the local people. Many ancient hilltop villages have remained largely unchanged for centuries, standing alongside chic coastal resorts and affluent, richly historic towns. Your wedding in Abruzzi is a chance to see more of this atmospheric part of Italy, which also boasts several expanses of unspoiled countryside.
Italy’s third largest national park is found here. Its unspoiled, mountainous landscape is home to rare wildlife, and is perfect for walking and hiking.
The charming village of Pescasséroli at its center is close to many hotels and campsites, which are popular with visitors eager to discover the park’s spectacular scenery.One of Abruzzi’s main towns is L’Aquila, founded in 1242. The town is overlooked by the Gran Sasso mountain, which stands within the national park of the same name. L’Aquila boasts two stunning churches, attractive shops, a lively marketplace and convivial cafés. Just south of here, Sulmona is another historic town, surrounded by mountains. Gold jewelry and sugar almonds are the local specialties, and they have bought much prosperity to the town, whose old center features several palaces. Bominaco, in the east of the region, is a small village distinguished by its two magnificent churches. San Pellegrino features beautiful frescoes and an unusual 13th century calendar, whilst Santa Maria dell’Assunta contains exquisite carvings. A lovely region of Italy in which to celebrate your marriage!