Find out how we can help in making your wedding a success!

Our history begins when wedding planning was still unknown in Italy, and as years went by, this allowed us to grow in experience and to specialize, as very few others in Italy have done. This has helped us to adapt and create Weddings according to any possible style and request by our couples.



After 12 years in the food and beverage industry, with international experiences, Massimiliano starts to work for a destination wedding US company. At these times, the figure of a wedding planner is still unknown in Italy.



Massimiliano, after a quick growth thanks to his experiences in event planning becomes Country manager for Italy and, with time, moves across Europe, gaining more and more experience in the field of wedding planning.



Massimiliano, thanks to the acquired experience of the years, feels ready to become an independent wedding planner and decides to create his own brand, creating what is currently in Europe.



Thanks to the success, given from experience and the great feedback from Brides and Grooms, Europewedding comes to incorporate the US company that originally formed and hired Massimiliano and part of his team since 2006.

Since then our company has kept growing and has been able to provide some experienced figures to  increase the level of the team.

As of today, within our highly specialized wedding planners, we have two sommeliers, one among the top in Italy; a maitre, a decorations and flowers expert with international recognitions, a destination photographer, and a senior manager in incoming tourism.

Thanks to these experts, we are able to oversee all aspects of each wedding with a professional eye, as well as with creativity and wish to create exactly what will make our couples happy during unforgettable days in Italy.

At the moment, we have 5 offices in Italy, and we organize and plan many weddings, from the Northern Alps on the border with Switzerland and France,  to the southern regions of Calabria and Apulia, including of course the beautiful Islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Capri and Elba.

From the most famous art cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome, to the newer destinations of Apulia with Martina Franca and Alberobello, or the Lake region with Lake Garda, Como and Maggiore, to the most unusual destinations, for those who are already experts of Italy and want to find something a bit less popular, such as the Marche region and the beautiful Conero seaside, or the still rural islands off the coasts of Sicily, we can help you find what makes you happy, and trust us, we have been there and we know the place!

In the past years, we have focused on personalized events. We do not believe in set packages, but we want to think about what you, as our Bride and Groom wish.  Each wedding has to come from the ideas and wishes that we are given, along with a carefully respected budget.

Massi always says: “Anyone can plan a great wedding if you do not think about the budget. Our aim, is to give you exactly what you want, at the price that you want”.

In our experience we have created special and unique events for any type of couple, from the classic White wedding, to the African, Asian and Indian traditions, to the most antique Italian styles for those coming to Italy to find their ancestors’ roots, and of course to the VIP weddings. We even collaborated with Warner Bros. And E Entertainment for Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’ Wedding in Bracciano (Rome).