Rome and Lazio


04 August 2017

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Rome and Lazio

The Lazio region offers one of the finest selections of wedding possibilities along with Tuscany.

Rome of course is the country’s capital offering excitement, glamour and everything you would expect from the Eternal City. But just minutes outside is glorious countryside, lakes, romantic castles and villas, for that once in a lifetime event you are dreaming of.

Italian Destination Weddings


Some of Italy’s most unique wedding halls and churches are in Lazio not to mention the remarkable number of small medieval and renaissance towns that create the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding in Lazio.

Whether you choose the legendary Italian capital, Rome, for your wedding in Lazio, or a historic provincial town surrounded by verdant countryside, it will be an experience never to forget. Rome is undoubtedly the focus of this region, but Lazio has a lot more to offer alongside its compelling capital city.

The Etruscans ruled Lazio for almost a millennium, and important Etruscan sites are found in the region. The most significant is probably Tarquina, on the southern coast, where necropoli remain. Other key ancient sites in Lazio are Ostia Antica and Tivoli. The villa which once belonged to the Roman Emperor Hadrian is still standing at the latter.

Viterbo, a town at Lazio’s center, is a good base from which to discover these historic sites and their surrounding countryside. Lovely villas and gardens are found nearby.

Three large lakes, Bracciano, Vico and Bolseno, are also highly popular, particularly in the summer. They are ideal for swimming and simply relaxing in the open air.

The east of Lazio is populated by dramatic mountains, as is a good part of the south of the region. The town of Rieti is an ideal stopping-off point before heading off to discover the landscapes. Along the southern coastline are many resorts, such as Anzio, Nettuno, Terracina and Sperlonga.

The Pontine Islands are also highly recommended, as they are truly some of Italy’s undiscovered gems.

Civita di Bagnoregio is one of the preferred destination since few years. Still undiscovered by the most, The two of you will truly take a step back in time once there. The first thing you will notice is that from a distance it seems to rise up out of the steep hill like a castle, rimmed by cliffs on all sides. There are no cars, nor traffic, because the only way to reach it is by a foot bridge. Civita used to be connected to Bagnoregio, but the land between them eroded, necessitating the bridge. The best time for a wedding is the summer, however late spring and the fall are also good choices. But be sure to find a picture of this grand sight laden with snow or rising up out of the clouds!

Finally, the city of Rome is of course at the heart of Lazio’s identity. From the Forum to the Pantheon, and the Imperial Baths to Vatican City, Rome is unique. Whether it is sipping a cappuccino in a lovely pavement café, or taking in the sights by one of hundreds of beautiful fountains, Rome is a city which invites special memories. Its countless churches, palaces and basilicas are second to none. A destination wedding in Rome offers something for every budget and style. It is the only city with three civil wedding halls and of course the widest selection of churches and basilicas in the country. On the shores of the Tiber, in the historic Jewish ghetto a beautiful Synagogue is available for a Roman Jewish ceremony. Couples wanting to plan an Orthodox or Protestant rite in Rome can choose from a selection of ornately decorated churches.

Whichever part of Lazio you decide upon for your Italian wedding day, you can be assured that the region will not disappoint. It is a fascinating, picturesque and historic part of Italy – an excellent choice.

To wed in Rome is to choose one of the world’s most unforgettable marriage destinations.

As the Romans say: “Roma, non basta una vita!”, Rome, a lifetime is not enough!