Music for Weddings is the secret to creating the right atmosphere for your ceremony and reception.
From baroque quartets in 17th century costumes to a more contemporary Jazz trio the variety of wedding music available to you in Italy is truly amazing.

Most importantly, we do not use amateurs, but only dedicated professional musicians. Our classical musicians for example come from the most famous Opera houses and Orchestras in the country. More modern bands and DJs are also featured on TV shows and fashion events.

Our ace in the sleeve

The music at an Italian Wedding can vary a lot, but the biggest distintion is between the music for the Ceremony and the music for the reception.

We all have different taste in music, from electronic to swing, from Live bands to Djs. It is however important to perfectly blend the music with the different parts of your Italian wedding, so that the music will complement the day, and not be the protagonist. You will be the center of attention.

We have different styles of planning for the music during your big day, and we will be happy to discuss all the ideas with you.

Lastly, a small suggestion; remember to always include a few Italian songs to your playlist. They do not necessarly need to be traditional songs, but can also be modern and pop if you want. This will surely bring a smile to your guests’ faces, and make the atmoshpere even more Italian. Ask us for some suggestions according to your taste, and we will send you some MP3 files to listen to.