Mountains (Alps, Piedmont and Valle D'Aosta)


04 August 2017

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Mountains (Alps, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta)

The mountain area in Italy is very extended; it goes from west with the small Valle D’Aosta ending on the east with the more famous in Europe Trentino Alto Adige region.

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Away from the maddening crowds, the northern Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, the smallest and least populated region of Italy, is known for its striking landscapes and historic feudal castles. It is a highly scenic region that provides a picturesque backdrop for a destination wedding in Italy. Valle d’Aosta borders France to the west and Switzerland to the north and it boasts Europe’s highest mountains (Monte Bianco) and the largest national park in Italy, the aptly-named Gran Paradiso in the south. Numerous medieval castles scattered all over are a major tourist attraction, as well and the town of Saint Vincent, well known for its casino and thermal springs. The capital, Aosta, was founded in 25 B.C. by the Romans, is the only sizable town in the region. Cobblestone streets and Roman ruins tell the story of its origins. Mountains rise up on all sides, and Aosta is a good base from which to visit the mountain resorts of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.Surprisingly enough, you find vineyards on the steep, south facing, terraced mountain slopes, from three hundred to one thousand two-hundred meters above sea level, where the soil is rocky and infertile. As a result, these precious grapes at the feet of the Mont Blanc are only harvested by hand!

On the other side, a fascinating part of the country, Trentino-Alto Adige is another wonderful place to get married in Italy. Formerly belonging to Austria, Alto Adige was handed over to Italy in the early 20th century and is now a bilingual region with a pervasive Austrian influence. Celebrating your wedding here is the perfect way to discover more of this unique blend of cultures. We think the Trentino with its Alps and lakes is spectacular with sweeping views and a truly authentic atmosphere. Consider a romantic Snow Wedding ceremony or come in summer when the mountains are bursting with wildflowers to explore Alpine villages and savoring a lifestyle that has disappeared from much of Europe but still lingers here. More superb scenery surrounds the spa town of Merano, sheltered by mountains. Merano is a great place, with many paths and gardens that are perfect for walks. There is also a Thermal Center in the town, offering water cures, plus lots of shopping opportunities, a Gothic cathedral and a 15th century castle. Two mountain ranges are located close to Merano, Ortles and Giogaia di Tessa. The former is entirely contained within the Stelvio National Park. This park features a dizzyingly high Alpine pass, a huge glacier, valleys, walking trails and a great variety of wildlife, including deer, elk and golden eagles. Skiing is popular in many parts of Trentino Alto Adige. Madonna di Campiglio, San Martino di Castrozza, Ortisei and Merano are just a few of the ski resorts that you can visit in this area.

The mountain area is equally beautiful either in summer or winter and will be the perfect backgroud for an unconventional wedding.

How magic and romantic a wedding could be if sourrended by mountains, snow or green and blue landscapes?