Flower Design

Flower Design

Italy’s diverse climates and geography means that almost any flower is available at any time and anywhere.

Like most of our vendors in Italy, the florists are artists.

They meticulously organize every floral arrangement from bouquets to center pieces in a way that reflects the beauty and traditions of that region.

From the typical Tuscan and country style of field flowers such as lavender or sunflowers, and the herbal compositions with rosmary, olive tree, and so on, up to the fanciest creations with Peonies and Orchids, we will know how to suggest you for  the best to match your dress and your settings, as well as the Venue.

Our ace in the sleeve

Choosing flowers with us is very simple. We are proud to have in our team the first Italian wedding planner, protege of Preston Bailey

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This allows us to create at the highest level, and with the best produce selection.

One your style has been determined, our florsits will replicate exactly any creation of your choice, assuring that your flowers will be the touch that will make your special day, a truly colorful one.