Italy’s inherent natural and man-made beauty make choosing a decor for your wedding much less stressful. With our experience and local knowledge, your ceremony and reception will look breath-taking no matter what your budget is.

Our Italian, on-site coordinators will ensure everything is managed and placed perfectly so you can focus on enjoying the beauty of your wedding day in the most romantic and beautiful county in the world.

Our ace in the sleeve

We have a wide in-house selection of decorations for rent, that can definitely allow you to save quuite a bit on your budget.

We are also up to date with all the latest fashions, and the most traditional styles, from chabby chic to baroque and modern, we can accomplish pretty much everything you might have in mind. Feel free to check our Facebook page or other social media such as Pinterest (inserire link a pagina FB e pinterest) to view some of our past works.

Ask us about traditional decorations from the region of your Italian wedding!