All our customers will receive a Wedding contract, as soon as they select us as their Italian Wedding planners.
The contract is a veryy simple and standard one, but will assure you that we are fullly registered at the Chamber of commerce, and have a valid VAT number here in Italy.

All our contracts can be customized according to your needs and requests.
The contracts do not include all the services that you need for the Wedding, but are a starting point that will secure all the planning services and all the requirements for the Ceremony.

Our ace in the sleeve

It also assures that you and all your guests can refer to us for any needs.
All of the other services and details will be added at a later time only once you are perfectly sure of what you wish for. We are not big fans of pre set packages, as we prefer to create for all our couples, unique events and set ups.

This is why the contract is a starting point at a minimum cost, and everything else will be secured following according to your budget and ideas.