Apulia and Southern Italy (Calabria, Basilicata and Molise)


04 August 2017

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Apulia and southern Italy (Calabria, Basilicata and Molise)

South of Italy has known many rulers throughout its long history, and is a fascinating part of the country. It includes the nowadays well known Apulia, but also Calabria and Molise regions, as well as Basilicata where Matera is now one of the most requested destination weddings in Italy.

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A celebration in Apulia is a chance to discover more of this region. Apulia has an extended coastline, unspoiled beaches, mountains and forests. Each ruling power has left its mark here. Norman cathedrals, Swabian castles and fortified Roman towns are all common sights in Apulia and most of them host weddings as well. This region is a lovely part of Italy, highly recommended for a destination wedding. Apulia, or Puglia as it is known in Italian, is also called “the boot heel of Italy” and offers unimaginable, enchanting scenarios for a traditional Southern Italian marriage ceremony. The region is well supplied with roads, highways and railways connecting nearly all parts of the region to the center and north of Italy. If you will decide to tie the knot in Apulia, than you will easily reach the other regions of the peninsula and enjoy a magical honeymoon.

There are two major airports in Bari and Brindisi which will help you to move from one place to another, and you will also have two main ports at your disposal, one in Taranto and one in Brindisi. Places like Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Gallipoli, Altamura or just a simple Masseria are now preferred Venue for most of future Brides and Grooms.

Another great location to get married in the South of Italy is of Basilicata. It’s typical of southern Italy – its landscape has a timeless feel and has been the inspiration for many film makers and artists over the years. Its ancient archaeological sites, medieval towns, pretty coastline and dramatic mountainous landscape combine to create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day.

Basicalata region is where the town of Matera is located and Matera’s sassi have recently been declared a World Heritage Site. These small, tiered dwellings, dug out of the ravine, were once home to the town’s poor. They have now been restored and are a unique and compelling sight.

Adjacent to Basilicata, Calabria is a lovely region where to exchange vows. Small towns, villages and coastal resorts are scattered across the region, providing a good base from which to explore Calabria’s natural landscapes. The town of Cosenza is particularly recommended, located at the meeting point of the Crati and Busento rivers, and surrounded by mountains on all sides. The northern Ionian coast of the region features some historic castles, dramatic wooded and mountainous landscapes, and the pretty medieval village of Oriolo. The abandoned castle at the Rocca Imperiale is an impressive sight, as is the Monte Pollino mountain. Several lovely beaches line the northern Tyrrhenian coast, alongside coastal resorts and quiet seaside towns such as Diamante and Cirella.

There are also many caves and grottos to discover along this part of the Italian coastline, particularly in the area around the town of Praia A Mare. Moving further south, there are a number of centuries-old castles, beaches and quiet villages to visit. For lovely views of Sicily, your best choice is Palmi, a town in the Reggio di Calabria province. Palmi is best known for the superb museum complex set just above the town. The museum’s eclectic collections include archaeology, folklore items, paintings, sculpture and modern art.

Southern Italy is charming and picturesque, and your wedding in Calabria is the perfect opportunity to uncover the delights of this lovely region.

The dramatic and virtually unspoiled landscape provides a wonderful backdrop for your wedding celebrations.